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To order free Interactive Explorer CDs correlating with Book 1 or Book 2 for your students, click here, or call Alfred Music Publishing’s Customer Service Department at 818-892-2452.

This exciting CD has complete MIDI accompaniments for all the music in the student book. The first 68 lines of the student book are performed by a professional musician on an acoustic instrument to provide aural modeling. (A 2‑CD set of acoustic recordings for the entire book is available for purchase. Order item        00-20607 for Book 1 or 00-20509 for Book 2.)

The acoustic recordings on the Interactive Explorer CD can be played just like any other music CD. The Interactive Explorer program may be accessed by placing the disc into the CD-ROM drive of a Macintosh computer or a PC running Microsoft Windows, you have access to the Interactive Explorer program and all the MIDI accompaniments. The user can change the tempo of the music, adjust the volumes of the MIDI instrument parts, and record themselves playing along (requires a microphone). Each MIDI accompaniment was created to reflect the style and period of the piece.

Download FREE Supplements!
Click below for additional tunes correlating to units 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of String Explorer, Book 1. Each tune focuses on the particular skills learned in the corresponding unit, providing additional practice where needed. The author grants permission for teachers to print out these tunes and reproduce them as needed for use in the string class.

What Is String Explorer?
String Explorer is a synthesis of the best pedagogy of the past aimed at the future and forged from the authors' combined total of over 75 years in the classroom. Designed with the teacher in mind, the series includes all materials needed for the classroom with cross-references between them so they are easy to access. Designed with the student in mind, String Explorer has the fun and information-packed look of a web page. Characters lead the way through the book and point out all the information that a teacher or student will need to know for each unit! Skills are presented sequentially and never more than one at a time. Correlated performance music and related materials are also part of the overall vision of String Explorer.

Learn why we think you will love using this series!  Click here to read about the authors' vision for the method and to see a description of each component plus skill charts for both levels.

Who Wrote String Explorer?
Andy Dabczynski, Richard Meyer & Bob Phillips are all well-known teachers, teacher trainers, and composers. They hold clinics and in-services around the world. To inquire about having them come to your area or for a list of in-service resources from Alfred, please contact us.

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